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developer based in Seattle
I’m Markus, a freelance
web designer and no-code

I’m Markus, a freelanceweb designer and no-codedeveloper based in Seattle

available for help
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Looking for a comprehensive web solution? I offer bespoke web design and no-code development, bringing beauty and functionality to your website. From deep research to custom app creation, I'll craft a user-friendly environment that reflects your unique needs. So let's start something practical yet beautiful!
All in one
Looking for a custom web design that's both beautiful and functional? I specialize in creating scalable, customer-focused designs that meet your business's needs. I craft a user-friendly environment, from deep research and prototypes to conscious creation. So let's start something more than just art – practical design.
Looking for custom web development that brings your vision to life? I offer no-code for landing pages, portfolios, custom apps & more. I create functional web solutions that bring your visuals to life. With no-code development, I'll customize a site that reflects your unique needs. Let's build a website that balances your design and meets your requirements.
Client Type Year
Salt of Landnew badge campaign 2023
CellSpace store, news, education 2022-present
VELVET store store 2020-present
BreakFest special project 2018-present
The Salt Magazine magazine 2017-present
The Salt Magazine South magazine 2022
Appetizing Marketing corporate 2022
Slovno в мае. Culture special project 2022
Slovno в мае corporate 2022
TT Zavod corporate 2022
Láven Beauty Studios corporate 2022
Kate Akhmetshina personal 2022
Corner Cafe & Kitchen Moscow store 2021-2022
Riesling Weeks Russia campaign 2020-2022
Reka feat. U.S. Embassy in Russia special project 2021
D-tail corporate 2021
TT Zavod Chernobyl special project 2021
Irina Orlandini Avrutskaya personal 2021
Perestroika 2.0 corporate 2021
Irina Zherebkina personal 2021
4 heads corporate, store 2021
Salty route with Porsche special project 2021
Naturhaus corporate 2021
Like4Like RU/EN corporate 2020-2021
Russian Bubbly Chart special project 2020-2021
Restaurant recruiting corporate 2020
Two Hearts Winery corporate 2020
Alexandra Espaeva personal 2020
Brain School corporate 2017-2020
Riesling Weeks for The Salt Magazine special project 2019
Myata Lounge corporate 2019
Concord corporate 2019
Belka Studio corporate 2019
Tribute Architecture portfolio 2019
TVRest campaign 2018
Building together corporate 2018
Content Market corporate 2018
UbgradeLab corporate 2018
Yakor Beer corporate 2018
Anna&Anna corporate 2017
The System of Joy corporate 2017
KistiKraski corporate, store 2016
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Screenshot of the website on iPhone
Scope of work: Web Design feat. SMOLA studio, Tilda Development
Cosmeceutical shop with the most modern design among competitors in Russia.
After the successful launch, the client began receiving distributor cooperation offers. However, this was separate from their plans. It was also decided to expand the functionality by adding a news section from the field of cosmetology and science and a training section on working with the goods sold.
Screenshots of the website on MacBook, iPad Pro and iPad mini
Scope of work: Web Design, Tilda Development, Ecwid Development
The women's clothing store needed more sales on Instagram. It was decided to create a convenient website and, at the same time, tell more about the company.

The leading site was created on Tilda, and the product catalog is posted on Ecwid. Integrated with CRM, payment system, and accounting.
Screenshot of the website on iPad Pro
Scope of work: Web Design, Tilda Development, MailChimp Development
All-Russian annual breakfast festival, which has been held since 2018. A summer festival will also be held in 2023.

The site was created in such a way that the number of participants can be scaled for each event, as each restaurant participating in the festival has its own page, as well as each opinion leader (only they have access to their pages via QR)
Screenshots of the website on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and on iMac with keyboard and mouse
The Salt Magazine
Scope of work: Web Design, Tilda Development, MailChimp Development
Online magazine dedicated to food. All published news work on AMP and Yandex.Turbo technologies for instant download, even at low Internet speed.

Publishing one piece of news takes an average of 5-7 minutes. It does not require programming skills. Any company employee can post an article, even if unfamiliar with Tilda Publishing.
Screenshots of the website on two silver iMacs
Appetizing Marketing
Scope of work: Web Design feat. SMOLA studio, Tilda Development
Marketing agency Appetizing Marketing came with a request for a corporate website, where it was necessary to talk about their services in a simple and clean form.

I decided to attract SMOLA studio to help with this project for design development.
Screenshot of the website on Apple XDR Display with keyboard, mouse and trackpad
Scope of work: Web Design, Tilda Development
Minisite for a unique cultural project of SLOVNO в мае confectionery. Which was designed to acquaint the city's residents with local artists, particularly Mikhail Gerasimov and his series of paintings, "Birch Forest."
Screenshot of the website on iMac Pro
SLOVNO в мае
Scope of work: Web Design, Tilda Development
Corporate website for casual confectionery with a story about the brand philosophy with principles of work and great photos and videos with products. The site also contains a menu and a link to a warm playlist in the brand's spirit.
Screenshots of the website on MacBook Pro and iMac
Kate Akhmetshina
Scope of work: Web Design feat SMOLA studio and Upgrade.Lab, Tilda Development
Personal image multi-page website for the business consultant in the beauty sphere Kate Akhmetshina. In a modern light style with plenty of air and bright accent elements.

The site was created closely cooperating with SMOLA studio and Upgrade.Lab marketing agency.